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I stumbled across this page where you do blogs.. and so I thought it would be cool if I could make a b- Oh.. right. 😀

HAI GUIZ. It has been a while! Have you missed me? I brought presents and news. LOTS OF NEWS.

Ok I lie. I just really wanted to update this blog.

So at the moment I am on a course called A4e action for employment. Now I cannot really say anything bad about it incase the authorities see this and stop my money. I HAVE TO FEED TEH KIDS. It isn’t as bad as it sounds. I wont lie but when I got told I had to go there for 13 weeks I was very sceptical and annoyed. However after a few weeks I grew fond of my group. We are all different ages with different personalities and its good craic sometimes. All the tutors are friendly and helpful. The only one bad thing is that the point of being there is to help me get a job except I am starting a course in September so there isn’t really much of a point. Alas it does keep me doing something everyday. 😀

So that is what I have been doing in the meantime.. and drinking myself into slumbers in between. I do want a job but I just feel like these are the times of our lives where we should be enjoying life. Even if that means being lazy and going out drinking. I just do not see me behind a desk. Not yet anyway, but if any of you know someone in the media industry looking for a creative person send them by way. Heres my card -gives-

So yes life has been up and down recently.. had some lovely ups 🙂 I know this is a shortish blog. I wish I had more to talk about but I will spend this week thinking of some interesting topics to blog about.

As for now I am going to eat and nom xD AS IT IS NOW KNOWN.

Good luck with the results guys ;D hope you all did well



Dreamz :D

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But that is beside the point. I havent blogged in a bit and therefore. Here I am.. at.. nearly ten to two in the morning (Oh the joys of having nothing better to do then share things with you lot. You lucky, lucky people)

Today I want to tell you a bit about dreams. Well.. MY dreams. If you want a definition you will have to look it up. I assume the average age of people reading this blog is high enough to know what a dream IS. If you don’t.. Just.. go back to education. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

All I know is that people vary in terms of how much they dream. I for one dream every night. I’m not going to lie. I enjoy dreaming. Especially when it’s about something I ADORE i.e having the ability to fly. I have had many  a dream where I can fly. Often when you do dream it never really has a plot. It isn’t a story.. just a random blob of images where often take part in. I tend to be viewing myself as a separate person and yet somehow feel what I feel. Strange stuff.

I’m going to give you three of my dreams. One being the best one, worst one and the craziest one I have had as far as I recall. So. ENJOY(?)

Best one..(s) Ok, I lied. There will be TWO.

This one sets place in a HUGE library. There are computers on desks spaced about evenly. On one side of the wall there is a huge tank filled with water, manta rays and.. well.. old ladies with long white flowing hair (Yes.. I love the old ladies. I kid) I am walking in between the desks and suddenly I lift up in a sort of flying motion to have a look inside the tank. Now I know this doesn’t sound like a great dream but it involves flying and manta rays so to me. It makes the best dream ever.. dreamt?

The second one is quite a short one which basically has me sitting at a table with Gary Lightbody and he draws me a.. what would be a print screen of the YouTube home page with a little polar bear resting on top of it. *sigh*

Worst ones

If you are a fond watcher of the Goosebumps movies then you will know of Slappy the dummy. *shudder* Slappy is basically a dummy which comes to life and this dream is set in my room. I am being held up against a mirror and this dummy is strangling me whilst laughing. I try but fail to call out for help. Bad times. Do not like Slappy the dummy.

This one comes from just two nights back funnily enough. It is set in a small cottage where just outside in the back garden there is a medium-sized stream. At both ends of the stream there are thick trees so you can’t see where the stream is coming from. Now I am standing at the stream where a koi fish floats by. I pick it out of the stream and it does the mouthing movement fish do when they are out of water. I put it back where it floats off. It doesn’t swim away. I look to the left and see dead wildlife floating down the stream. Things like badgers and deers. I run inside to continue to watch from the window when suddenly bodies start to come down the stream. Eventually they begin to pack up and start to overflow to the grass beside the stream. I think this had to be the worst dream I have had in a while =[

Craziest dreams!

Quite difficult to think of my craziest dreams. Seeing as all of them do tend to be pretty insane. Hm.

Ok so this one isn’t THAT crazy. Basically I am at the airport trying to go somewhere.. I can’t remember where. I manage to go through security and I’m sitting in the departures lounge when I suddenly realise I have forgotten my passport (So how I managed to get past security without my passport is.. BEYOND me) ANYWAY. There are some barriers and I wait for security to look away from the barriers and I make a run for it. They spot me but kick me out anyway so SORTED. I grab a taxi and I’m all like BOLLIX I’m going to miss my flight. I get my passport and back to the airport.. and yet somehow end up with an hour to spare. *facepalm*

I could only think of one crazy dream. D: I left out all the 18+ ones. (I’M SO SORRY. I KNOW HOW MORTIFIED YOU ALL ARE BY NOT BEING ABLE TO READ THEM) But yes! If you have never had a dream in which you have had the ability to fly then you havent dreamt yet. It truly is a great feeling 😀

So yes! That is all for today. I hear we are in the middle of exam period so good luck with exams and I hope you all get good results 😀 If you don’t have exams then enjoy the week.. you lazy people.

Emma<3! I think I’ve hurt my hand after the drunken up and down weekend.. not.. really sure. It does hurt though.BONJOUR

Blog Tv, Exam answers & Money!

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Good Evenin’ fellow bloggers, readers, friends, family, comrades, partners, spouses, children, enemies (You get the drift)

Now if you (like me) spend a lot of time strolling about the internet you are sure to end up stumbling across a website called “Blog Tv”

The idea is that you set up a webcam and you broadcast yourself to anyone on the website and they can talk to you via the chat box beside the video of you. You can do this to promote music by playing yer instrument to whoever’s viewing you in hope you get noticed.. OR you can just blog live via the webcam. Either way its a good thing if you want to pass time or have a bit of fun.

Now me being the hermit that I am didn’t think twice about doing this. In my mind it was like “WUT? NO! NO I WILL NOT SHOW MY GLORIOUS FACE” I kid. I just never thought about doing it before. However over the years I grew some BALLZ and now I do it randomly sometimes.. and sometimes Lucy joins me 😀

It’s not for everyone! But if you have a webcam id advise you to have a go! It might take you a while to make friends but im sure ALL of you are capable. (Warning: You do get some shifty people. Believe me ive ended up talking about dildos up teh arse)

Another thing I came across was funny exam answers.. I’ll be honest. I spent a good whole hour reading these and there are some amazing smart arse ones.. and some down right stupid ones. SO I decided to pick out three of my favourites which I hope you havent seen before.

Whew. xD Sorry.. I rushed out the house and now ive just got back to this! SO! Yeah I hope you enjoyed those three. BANANA CAR! 😀

Now being on JSA (Job seekers allowance) for the past 6 months I havent had to worry about money.. UNTIL NOW -horror- Over the past few weeks money has been scarce as I have needed to buy presents and tickets etc. Good stuff. xD 40 pounds in teh bank. However! Money isn’t everything. Also I hear EMA is being stopped which truly ANNOYS me (I don’t get it but I know people need to claim it)

Anyway, rant over. Hope you all have a good half term. ALSO! Good luck with exams 😀


Ash, Politics, Courses and the fun stuff!

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Good morning!

It has been a while! We have much to discuss. Here. Sit on that leather chair. Oh no. I insist!

Ash, Ash, Ash. Oh dear. It’s not been a good month or so for airports in the UK and Ireland. More flights have been cancelled. It somewhat reminds me of an angry God. No idea why.. WE MUST SACRIFICE SOMETHING/SOMEONE TO THE VOLCANO. Which leads me on to..

David Cameron is our new PM. Yay? Nay? Who knows. Time will tell! Personally I voted Nick Clegg but eh.. that didn’t go down to well. Still. The British will carry on as we do. No matter what happens we will be having the hard times. Hopefully we will get by 🙂

In personal news I went on a two-week course called A4e Gateway to jobs courtesy of the Job centre. The idea is to spend the two weeks making CV’s and spec letters then sending them out to various companies whilst keeping a job log up to date to give to your personal adviser at the end of the course to prove you have been looking for jobs. Over all I had a really good/Interesting time. I met some friendly people who were all good craic 😀

Me and the homies will be seeing Ross Noble. It is also Sophie’s birthday in just over a week and in general I feel as happy as.. well.. a happy person (?)

I apologise for not making this blog as interesting as the previous sharky one. I just wanted to get blogging again. I know its pretty short. I am tired. SO TIRE- zzzzzzzz.

Anyway. Have a good week and I hope your eyes will be molesting my words once again. Please escort yourself out.

Emma ❤

The physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living

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Today I shall be indulging you.. (Erotic) in a little bit of modern art. Now dont moan and groan. Most of you clever people should know by now that art isn’t all about old paintings and statues. In fact if you DONT know that then you need to GTFO. <- Thats a bit of modern art for you. Internet talk.

ANYWAY. Back in the day when I was at Church High I walked past the art rooms and on one of the doors was a picture of a shark inside a tank. Now at the time I thought this was well.. a bit of an unusual thing but I didn’t pay much attention to it. So the days went on and I.. eh.. failed my education. BUT (Now bear with me because I can’t actually remember how I became obsessed with this artwork) all I remember is I was playing a pub quiz game with Dad and Lucy and one of the questions showed a picture of a cow in a tank. The question itself was about a man called Damien Hirst.

Straight on the internet I was to have a look at more of these.. well.. species in tanks. One of which stood out and this was the one of a shark in the middle of the tank. Like it was floating. Now I am terrified of sharks. Terrified yet fascinated. Purely by how big sharks can get. So you can imagine how this grabbed my attention. 😀

Have a little background detail!

The artwork was created by Damien Hirst and was created in 1992 with the first shark which was a 14 foot tiger shark. Its preserved in formaldehyde in vitrine. The shark cost ÂŁ6,000 but the overall work was ÂŁ50,000. Sadly due to the first shark being preserved poorly it began to deteriorate making the surrounding liquid murky (lovely thought) they then caught another (female) shark.. (poor things =[ ) to replace the old one. This was done in 2006! Some critics said that anyone could have done this artwork to which Hirst replied “But you didn’t, did you?”

There you have it. I do truly feel a bit guilty for those sharks.. but when it comes down to a piece of artwork it is pretty astounding.

=D Heres the actual thing below.

Hai reader! 😀

If you aren’t a great fan of sharks then sorry. It took me a bit of courage to make that full size. 😀 Anyway I just wanted to share that with you all. It interests me!

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Laptops covered in ash and politicians everywhere! ;D

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Hello! 😀 Its me.. Emma.. -wave-

Ohhhhh what a week. We have a general election coming up. We have a birthday coming up.. we have a Latasha coming up ;D YAY!

It’s not actually BEEN a week.. I can’t remember when I blogged last to be quite honest. My life recently has consisted of music and.. The reason for this is because my hard drive broke.. now if you know me and odds are if you’re reading this you DO know me I depend on my laptop. My laptop is my life. Without my laptop im just a blob. So imagine my utmost horror when suddenly my laptop failed to work. I fell to the floor, sobbing. I woke up in a hospital bed. apparently when they found me I was hunched over a cardboard sheet with the alphabet drawn on.

Of course, im joking.. ahahahahahaahahah. Of course.. -shifty-

Seriously ;D Its been sent off to Del and over all its been a good thing. I need some time away from the laptop. It’s probably a good thing for my health.

SO! The election. I had to pause for a few minutes there because frankly I havent got a clue what to say. I for one don’t know who im going to vote for. If you DO know who you’re voting for then hats off to you because to me politics is just confusing. Not that I don’t care who will be running our country for the next four years. I will end up over the next few days looking at policies then making my over all decision. Point is. WE HAVE AN ELECTION! It’s exciting ;D

Ash here, Ash there, Ash everywhere! I really feel sorry for anyone stuck abroad. At first I thought jaysis id love a few extra days on holiday but it turns out that its a bit more than just strolling back to the hotel and chilling out. It also includes something called money. So if you happen to be stuck abroad reading this which is highly unlikely BUT IF YOU ARE you have my sympathy!

In good news its birthday weekend coming up! It’s also a bank holiday weekend. HUZZAH! Guess who’s spending it here with me =D LATASHA. I’m truly excited. Drinks everywhere! People everywhere! Happy. Happy. Happy. Also Dara is coming on the Friday. I sense another standing outside City Hall then pretending we saw the show.

I’m not one to have a huge discussion about the news so I apologise about my short opinions. Also.. im hungry. I need food. 😀

LISTEN! I hope you’re all having a good h- .. oh.. you’re all back at school/College. Sorry.. ;[ Have a good week.

Peace, love and all that funky jazz!

Emma ❤

Ye Olde Gym, Doctor Who and what nots

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Good evening.. morning.. afternoon. Whatever time of day it is when you read this 😀

Wow its been a while hasn’t it! .. Oh.. It’s nearly ten pm on a Sunday.. -stops to watch House-

Back to the blog 😀 So yeah, hi! Let me tell you a little story. Back in the day where we kids had birthdays when you invited everyone in your class I was invited to one at a gym. This gym.. was the mother of gyms as far as I remember for two specific reasons. Reason one was that cut into the ground was a HUGE square hole.. rather like a swimming pool. Except this was filled with squishy yellow blocks. Idea was youd jump off from a platform.. like a diving board into this mass of.. squishy..ness. Needless to say.. IT WAS SO FUN. ;D We called it the cheese pit.. I think. (You just get this image of two Spartans standing on the board going “THIS IS SPARTA” *kick*) So at this party you could just leap into this pit of squishy blocks.. fun stuff. Reason two was that there was a floor trampoline like a trampoline on floor level ;O where you could bounce up and down on 😀 Whew. There is a third reason.. which.. is extra as I only said there were two reasons but at the party the adults hid chocolates around the gym.. this isn’t really related to the gym itself.. but WHO CAN RESIST CHOCOLATE! 😀

Sad to say the gym has now closed down =[ Bad times

So.. last Saturday is was the first episode of Doctor Who! According to everyone I talked to its off to a good start 😀 New every thing! Tardis, sonic screwdriver, intro, doctor, companion, logo etc. I am not so sure about the intro ;o only because in the old one it actually looks like its traveling through time where as in this one.. It just looks like its traveling through.. the weather ;o I like the new logo cause it looks related to what Doctor Who is about by being made to look like the Tardis. The interior is new and funky.. there’s more to see than there was in the old one. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are great together 😀 I like the banter between them and how you can see their relationship grow from the first episode to the second. xD Do I sound like im trying to be really professional with this? It’s just my opinion and something to talk about 🙂

Its Stewart’s (Roseys whipped man) birthday on Tuesday.. and were celebrating on Thursday (Me and Sophie made glittery cards) good times! Also Latasha might be coming down to Newcastle 😀 WEEEEEEEEEE.  More good times. Only bad time is that I have a headache.. =[ Sore times

Sorry to those who’s easter ends today ;o You have my sympathy.

Thats all really ;O Hope you’ve had or are having a good easter 😀