Teeth, Sun and the evil substance known as “Coffee”

Aloha! 😀

The first two days of this week have been (Surprisingly) eventful. To me however doing one specific thing in a day classifies as eventful in my world. Sadly the rest of this week apart from yet ANOTHER dentist appointment looks like a desert with only a few cacti here and there and one tumbleweed drifting about aimlessly. Beautiful. However im sure I will catch up with my homies Fo’ shizzle. (Nizzle)

Back to yesterday where I was due a trip to the dental hospital. I practically live there.. and everywhere else involving dentists. Now im not going to lie to you. Theres only one thing at the dental hospital which makes going worthwhile and that is the fact that there’s a fish tank on one of the floors. I like fish. 😀 I shouldnt slander the dental hospital. They have done a top-notch job with my teeth so for that I offer them a huge kudos. I was on level six which specialise in Emma’s dodgy teeth. Six is my lucky number. I was lucky enough to have a newspaper to read and lucky enough not to be waiting long. I was ushered into my own little room where I was bombarded by Mr  Dentist man.. men.. three of them (Lucky me) -cheese-
Now I know they don’t mean to patronize but the words “Give us a grin” don’t go down well with me. Like im ten and I want a lollypop for being a good girl. Not that I would have turned down a lollypop if offered one.

It was a beautiful day. The word beautiful doesn’t really cover it. Glorious. Thats better. After all the rain and snow the sun felt like God was giving the world a big smile whilst saying “Today is a good day!” I couldn’t really enjoy the sun surrounded by shouting cars and beeping people so I made plans to have a lie down in the garden. I grabbed a towel and my iPod and plonked myself on the ground and settled down to listening to bangin’ tunes and bangin’ builders.
I turned on my side and saw some snowdrops (One of the nice things about my garden is we get pretty snowdrops every year around this time) This called for a picture (See below) 😀

Snowdrop :D

The next day I awoke to some Simply Red which I had set as my alarm as a fresh new tune to wake up to. I have now associated the song “Flagpole sitta” as “GET YO’ LAZY ASS OUT OF BED” which puts me off listening to it now. xD It was time to get up and go to the Job seekers building. I hitched the bus. (We’re getting married in April) hitched off the bus at Central station (Turns out it was having an affair with the number 11 bus) and strolled down. My name got called and I was asked as I am every week how my hunt for a job was going “Well y’see were currently in a recession. So im selling my body for good money”
The lady gave me a list of agencies to ring up and hand in a copy of my CV. Which is probably one of the most helpful things ive been given since starting the whole process of job hunting 🙂

I was meant to be meeting Bridie at half ten for a trip to Starbucks so once I was out of the building (FREE, FREEDOM) I joke. I gave Sophie Marie Mitchison Ward a quick ring to say hi then I strolled back down to Central station to await the arrival of Bridie 😀 She appeared beside me and after greeting one another we went down to Starbucks for a frappachino/Hot chocolate.
As I opened the door I had no idea that what happened in this Starbucks branch was going to affect the rest of my life day
We were just settling in to our drinks when a man came over and offered us a coffee sample which under my breath commented that it tasted like liquified twiglets. However I drank it all hoping for a burst of energy which never arrived.
Myself and Bridie being the mature eighteen year olds we are, messed around with the coffee pouring it into our drinks. We said our farewells at the bus stop and I traveled home for my driving lesson.

Not content with the fact that I hadn’t got my rush of Caffeine induced energy I invested into making myself a cuppa coffee. Knowing full well I had a driving lesson I was banking on the hope that the energy rush would help with my driving lesson. Well.. I was half right. Before leaving Mum warned me that after the caffeine rush id probably experience a low. Absolutely terrified Not overly concerned I awaited Steve to arrive for my driving lesson. We were going to the Blue house roundabout which links Gosforth, Jesmond and the main road into town so naturally I was a bit scared. Steve assured me id be fine and I was. AHA my plan had worked. I was alive and zooming around the place. I can tell you the exact time things went down hill.. It was 1:45 and all of a sudden I felt exhausted, down and just downright worried. It was a shame cause things were going quite well until then ;O Eventually at two I was home and I crashed onto my bed and now here I am finishing this blog. 😀

There you have it fellow readers. I hope you had a pleasant read.
Have a good day, week, life.

Emma ❤


~ by emmalulz on March 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “Teeth, Sun and the evil substance known as “Coffee””

  1. Aaaaaaah! This is the first time I’ve visited your blog page so I got three whole blogs at once xD

    I did very much enjoy them, I’m glad to tell ye 😀 There’s definate character here! And the organisation you’ve introduced to your paragraphs and such is an improvement fo’ sho’ 😉


  2. 😀 Thankies luv. Yeah xD I think I rushed into it a bit

    You’ll have to thank yer man for the organisation. He rode me up the arse about it.

    So I hope the layout is easier to read now 😀

    Thanks again!

  3. Turn that cactus filled desert into a week where stuff gets done! If you don’t have stuff to do, make a list. If you make a list, there’s always stuff to do. ;D

    Hmm, you told us you went to the dental hospital.. but why? :O Do you just claim to have a teeth problem because you like to go and see the fish? Aha! That’s it! I’ve solved the crime.

    It was a nice day here too! But I have to wonder.. who is this “God” you speak of? xD YAY BANGIN’ TUNES! Any specific ones? That picture of the snowdrops is a damn good picture, considering it was surely not taken by the best of camera 😮 It’s all close and clear and stuff. =D

    By “hitched” the bus do you mean you got on without paying? That’s what it sounds like, y’know ;D Ooh, who are you going to be ringing up? =o Any epic places?

    So.. I’m unsure of your coffee status here. Are you going to become a coffee drinker fulltime now? Or was the crash too much for ye ;D (The coffee crash, not the car crash, it’s a good thing you didn’t have a car crash) How well can you drive now? Are you an expert? 😀

    I had a most pleasant read! Minor grammar mistakes that drive me crazy and I will have to kill ye about, but for the most part, EPIC IMPROVEMENT 😀

  4. Like I said ;O Im going to make plans.

    Yeah. I wrote this all before but erased it somehow. No-one’s interested in my mouth xD!

    xD God’s just the big man ;O The nice weather just seemed to be a good sign from him 😀

    By hitched I just mean that I got on the bus. I payed the full price 😀
    Agencies who specialise in part time jobs ;O

    The crash really put me off xD Im a very good driver. Not an expert. But im good.

    Sure you can kill me.. IF YOU CAN FUCKIN’ CATCH ME.

  5. grr it deleted my comment!!!!
    i did say, i would of hoped the lovely zoe would of taught you some grammer:P but other than that a good blog entry.. mainly cos it mentions me! and im sure we’l get more free coffee next time we go to starbucks:P so more coffee hyperness! 😀

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