Oh what a surprisingly eventful.. LAST week :D

Ribbit! – It’s frog language for “HI THAR” I’ve got a frog in my throat. It hurts.

I don’t remember much of last week. When deciding how I was going to split it all up into bite size chunks I realised that half the time it took me more than a couple of minutes to remember what actually occurred on each day. D:

I’ll start by going back to last Tuesday where if you re call was coffee overload day where I had a high then a low and eventually concluded that coffee was evil. However in the last blog I didn’t explain the Disney music night I went to see at Lucy’s school (My old school) Church High. Over all it wasnt that bad. They just needed more preparation. There were about three songs over all which really stood out. ;o They were “Nightingale” from Cinderella, “God help the outcasts” from Hunchback of Notre-Dame, “Colours of the wind” from Pocahontas and Lucy’s song “Friend like me” from Aladdin. Now.. im not trying to be bias here. Actually that’s a lie. But Lucy’s song made me weep tears of laughter. She sings really well and she managed to express the whole bouncy.. ness? in the song. I just sat there like a proud Sister as if i personally coached her myself which i did

Wednesday seem’s pretty much a blur. However it could have been filled with me drawing a lot. I love drawing. No. Really. I REALLY do. It’s one of those few things in my life that will cheer me up if im feeling low. Y’know? Just sit down with a pen and paper and doodle away. I spent half my school year’s doodling. Doodle this and doodle that. I feel like I’m trying to convince you all to draw. Shall I just say it? GO FUCKIN’ DRAW SOMETHING -shakes fist- (Sorry Wednesday, you’ve been pushed aside. I’ll try to make sure I do something on you this week -giggles- “Do something on you” *Sigh*) – Oh ;D Whilst writing this blog it was decided me and Sophie.. and Rosey? Will go see Alice in Wonderland on Wednesday. There you go Wednesday 😀

I woke up on Thursday screaming “NO, OH GOD NO. NOT THURSDAY. THAT MUST MEA-” Sorry readers. Let me explain. Once a week I tidy my room to keep it ship shape and sparkling. Normally I do it on a Tuesday seeing as im up early on Tuesdays. However last week it occured on a Thursday as my tidying routine revolves around whenever Ann comes over. She tidies our house. Lovely woman 😀 If it wasnt for her id be in a corner surrounded by rubbish and clothes. Anyhoo. Last week she came over on a Thursday so I dragged myself out of bed and got tidying.
Half way through tidying I checked my phone. I had two texts.
Rosey: Ring me
Sophie: Ring Rosey

Thinking maybe I should ring her. I rang Rosey to discover that her and Sophie were in McDonald’s and that my Amazing, beautiful, Glorious, corpse was needed. Rosey explained I only had twenty minutes to get down there. -Scoff- Yeah right! Like that was going to happen. Half an hour later I was sitting in McDonalds with two of my beloved friends. We ended up going to the Art Gallery in which we saw some damn awesome pictures of The Beetles, The who, Pink Floyd and Jimmy Hendrix. Id show some pictures but you weren’t allowed to take any. A rule which Rosey ignored and took some anyway. Rebel.

We all agreed to go down to Ashington on Friday for some drinking. This was after ANOTHER FECKIN DENTIST APPOINTMENT. Long story short. I went in to see someone about Bridgework even though I hadn’t decided that was going to happen so it was pretty pointless. SO. We got on the re- … the r- … “Rosey I thought you said we were going on the Red bus to Ashington” (It was a white bus) After a half an hour trip filled with the mini game we got to Ashington. We being me, Rosey, Stewart and Sophie. There was some strolling around Asda then to TEH PUB. Over all I had.. Two JD and coke’s and two Ciders. Yumyum. Me and Sophie got on the 20 past 9 bus to town to get ANOTHER bus home. There was a whole load of picture-taking and a whole load of wearing hats and sunglasses. (Id go into more detail but im trying to make sure this bus.. FUUUUU- *BLOG (I typed bus by mistake) doesn’t go on for to long.

I’ll skip through Saturday to Sunday. Saturday consisted of shopping for MOTHERS DAY! 😀 Me, Lucy and Sophie got Mum two mug’s. One with “Yummy mummy” and the other had just a nice simple pattern on it. A Michael Buble album and a Pandora charm. Which hasn’t arrived yet BUT SHALL. So on the Sunday we baked mum a cake.. which looked like an explosion on a plate. Covered with icing and sprinkles it didn’t look half bad actually. 😀 SUCCESS. It turned out to be a nice day.
I got called downstairs by Mum and found her and John staring out the front door. I stood with them and saw.. a giant.. frog. It was big. A BIG FROG. It stared at us for a minute then hopped off. I followed it around cause I love frogs then went back inside. After a couple of hours I got a croaky voice (GET IT? FROGS? CROAK?) 😀

There you have it. I feel like it’s been a bit rushed. It HAS been a bit rushed. Have a good week. 😀

Emma ❤ 😀


~ by emmalulz on March 15, 2010.

One Response to “Oh what a surprisingly eventful.. LAST week :D”

  1. It’s surprisingly hard to remember what you did a few hours ago, let alone a few days ago. We’re not built for retaining that many memories! Ahh, Friend Like Me is great. Not as great as Prince Ali, but still great. ;D

    Are you actually getting better at drawing then? Are you going to be doing sketches of castles n’ shit soon? ;D

    Wahey, tidy room. Make sure your room is the cleanest in the house.

    The art gallery has awesome pictures of awesome bands? Cool. ;D

    Sigh, teh pub 😀

    How big was this frog? Was it zoochie-sized? ;D

    Nice blog 😀 BUT! I wanna hear more about inside your head and less about you going to the pub! ;D

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