Work and play. :D

-Turn’s around slowly- AH. Oh hello there bloggers, readers, randomers, people of the world.

Today I will let you have a glance into my mind. So shrink yer wee bodies and get your swimming gear on. (Your going swimming in my mind incase you didn’t realise)

I want to divide this blog into two things. Work and play. All work and no play make’s Jack a dull boy. All play and no work make’s Jack.. well.. pretty stupid but hey.. at least he’s having a good time?

I’ll start with work. Now for most of you who know me quite well. You all know I can’t work. Studying for me is like.. is like.. well no comparison is good enough really BASICALLY you know me and work just don’t fit together. Now this doesn’t mean ive turned out to be quite a thick person. I can indulge in conversations about politics and who our president is. But I just simply can’t sit down, whip out a book and learn stuff. I’m a dreamer D: I can just sit and stare out my window and think for hours on end. This doesn’t mean I’m going to say “FELLOW PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. SCREW WORK. GO OUT AND PLAY!” I’m sure half of the people reading this have worked, will work and will continue working. Who am I to judge? Come September I will be starting my new course. Bring it on 😀 However in the mean time im going to have to come up with a way where I monitor how much work I do along with how much.. eh.. play I do? Don’t get me wrong. I REALLY want to do something with my life. Something active. I WILL work on this course. I will. WILLLLL. (I’m very determined) I guess what im trying to say about work is.. y’know do it! Work hard. Just have fun as well ;D

Now it’s onto play.. YAYAYAAYAYAYAYZ. What can I say? ;D Let go once in a while. Draw a picture, paint yourself, paint your friends, get drunk! Be happy! Keep the balance. Work on the week days have fun on the weekends. I’m probably being a bad influence here.. ah shite. Dont think im giving out the impression that I want you all to fail in life and end up like me. xD I just want yis to get the balance right. These are meant to be the best years of our lives remember. ;o We’ve only got one life. It seems a shame that we have to work to be able to keep ourselves alive. But that’s how it goes.

This was mainly a bit of a rant. Anyway. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. 😀

Here’s a picture to end this blog 😀


~ by emmalulz on March 20, 2010.

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