Flipnote Studio and upcoming event’s :D

I see you’ve stepped in something.. Oh. It’s my blog. 😀

A big heartfelt hello to you. Yes. YOU 😀 I hope you all had a pleasant weekend.

I discovered something of a real treat for me about two days ago. I was randomly scanning on my DS for bit’s and bob’s I could download for free when I came across a) Nintendo DSi Browser and b) Flipnote Studio. Now I’m sure this is no new thing and i’ve probably discovered it a bit late. But now I have the ability to actually scan the internet using my DSi (Like I said.. discovered it a little bit.. lot.. late :D) I enjoyed this for a few minutes taking a look at news events.. -cough- I only have one problem with it and that is ;o you have to use the stylus to drag the page along when reading something specific. I’m quite a fast reader so this got on my nerves ;o APART FROM THAT. I’m happy 😀

Eventually I turned to Flipnote Studio and as a dedicated drawer and lover of animation I was OVERLY happy to find I could create animations with this little .. is application the right word? Again I do have a few issues. You are able to select and shrink the image on the screen however there isn’t anything which enlarges the image sadly. There are only three colours. Blue, red and black and you can only use two at one time and finally you can import pictures however they are in black and white. But I don’t know.. maybe I’m asking a bit too much here? Though I would like more colours. Apart from those three issue’s to ME personally it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I’m afraid if you want to know more about it then you might want to look it up.. im very bad at explaining thing’s ;D apologies?

Upcoming events.. well they are still a long way off so they aren’t THAT upcoming. In fact.. they aren’t really near at all xD! Basically these are just a few things to look forward to. One being my birthday in April ;O a month and a week away ;D Being 19 isn’t all that exciting.. sadly.. The only present I could ask for is a cane, a grey beard and false teeth.. well I’ll get the third (ho, ho, ho..) Then there is the new series of both Doctor who and Waterloo Road. Both of which im INSANELY looking forward to. Especially seeing the start of a new chapter with Matt Smith as the Doctor (Falling for him already) and finally there is Sophie Marie Mitchinson ward’s birthday.. I hope those are her middle name’s.. could be spelt wrong. ANYHOO. A joyous occasion for all, seeing as the old gal will be eighteen this year (DRINKS ALL AROUND) God bless her. I’m sure she cant wait to go up to the bar and order her own drinks instead of her two very kind friends who always have to do it for her. I kid 😀 Id buy Sophie a drink any day.

Thats all from me today, I hope you all have a fantastic week and well.. if anything new comes along expect another blog (God help you all. Bad Gramma and spelling alert. RUN FOR YOU’RE FUCKING LIVES)


Oh.. er.. no picture today so here’s a beluga whale for you. 😀

Look how tiny it is ;D AWWWWWWH.


~ by emmalulz on March 23, 2010.

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