Ye Olde Gym, Doctor Who and what nots

Good evening.. morning.. afternoon. Whatever time of day it is when you read this 😀

Wow its been a while hasn’t it! .. Oh.. It’s nearly ten pm on a Sunday.. -stops to watch House-

Back to the blog 😀 So yeah, hi! Let me tell you a little story. Back in the day where we kids had birthdays when you invited everyone in your class I was invited to one at a gym. This gym.. was the mother of gyms as far as I remember for two specific reasons. Reason one was that cut into the ground was a HUGE square hole.. rather like a swimming pool. Except this was filled with squishy yellow blocks. Idea was youd jump off from a platform.. like a diving board into this mass of.. squishy..ness. Needless to say.. IT WAS SO FUN. ;D We called it the cheese pit.. I think. (You just get this image of two Spartans standing on the board going “THIS IS SPARTA” *kick*) So at this party you could just leap into this pit of squishy blocks.. fun stuff. Reason two was that there was a floor trampoline like a trampoline on floor level ;O where you could bounce up and down on 😀 Whew. There is a third reason.. which.. is extra as I only said there were two reasons but at the party the adults hid chocolates around the gym.. this isn’t really related to the gym itself.. but WHO CAN RESIST CHOCOLATE! 😀

Sad to say the gym has now closed down =[ Bad times

So.. last Saturday is was the first episode of Doctor Who! According to everyone I talked to its off to a good start 😀 New every thing! Tardis, sonic screwdriver, intro, doctor, companion, logo etc. I am not so sure about the intro ;o only because in the old one it actually looks like its traveling through time where as in this one.. It just looks like its traveling through.. the weather ;o I like the new logo cause it looks related to what Doctor Who is about by being made to look like the Tardis. The interior is new and funky.. there’s more to see than there was in the old one. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are great together 😀 I like the banter between them and how you can see their relationship grow from the first episode to the second. xD Do I sound like im trying to be really professional with this? It’s just my opinion and something to talk about 🙂

Its Stewart’s (Roseys whipped man) birthday on Tuesday.. and were celebrating on Thursday (Me and Sophie made glittery cards) good times! Also Latasha might be coming down to Newcastle 😀 WEEEEEEEEEE.  More good times. Only bad time is that I have a headache.. =[ Sore times

Sorry to those who’s easter ends today ;o You have my sympathy.

Thats all really ;O Hope you’ve had or are having a good easter 😀



~ by emmalulz on April 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Ye Olde Gym, Doctor Who and what nots”

  1. Nice rambling update =D

    That pool of sqhuisyness sounds heavenly xD MUST RESURRECT!!

    *has no opinion on Doctor Who* Tardis? Laserbeams? Sounds interesting alright….

  2. =D THANKYE!

    Aye twas amazing xD If I ever get the money I WILL make one for the utmost craic.


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