Laptops covered in ash and politicians everywhere! ;D

Hello! 😀 Its me.. Emma.. -wave-

Ohhhhh what a week. We have a general election coming up. We have a birthday coming up.. we have a Latasha coming up ;D YAY!

It’s not actually BEEN a week.. I can’t remember when I blogged last to be quite honest. My life recently has consisted of music and.. The reason for this is because my hard drive broke.. now if you know me and odds are if you’re reading this you DO know me I depend on my laptop. My laptop is my life. Without my laptop im just a blob. So imagine my utmost horror when suddenly my laptop failed to work. I fell to the floor, sobbing. I woke up in a hospital bed. apparently when they found me I was hunched over a cardboard sheet with the alphabet drawn on.

Of course, im joking.. ahahahahahaahahah. Of course.. -shifty-

Seriously ;D Its been sent off to Del and over all its been a good thing. I need some time away from the laptop. It’s probably a good thing for my health.

SO! The election. I had to pause for a few minutes there because frankly I havent got a clue what to say. I for one don’t know who im going to vote for. If you DO know who you’re voting for then hats off to you because to me politics is just confusing. Not that I don’t care who will be running our country for the next four years. I will end up over the next few days looking at policies then making my over all decision. Point is. WE HAVE AN ELECTION! It’s exciting ;D

Ash here, Ash there, Ash everywhere! I really feel sorry for anyone stuck abroad. At first I thought jaysis id love a few extra days on holiday but it turns out that its a bit more than just strolling back to the hotel and chilling out. It also includes something called money. So if you happen to be stuck abroad reading this which is highly unlikely BUT IF YOU ARE you have my sympathy!

In good news its birthday weekend coming up! It’s also a bank holiday weekend. HUZZAH! Guess who’s spending it here with me =D LATASHA. I’m truly excited. Drinks everywhere! People everywhere! Happy. Happy. Happy. Also Dara is coming on the Friday. I sense another standing outside City Hall then pretending we saw the show.

I’m not one to have a huge discussion about the news so I apologise about my short opinions. Also.. im hungry. I need food. 😀

LISTEN! I hope you’re all having a good h- .. oh.. you’re all back at school/College. Sorry.. ;[ Have a good week.

Peace, love and all that funky jazz!

Emma ❤


~ by emmalulz on April 21, 2010.

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