Ash, Politics, Courses and the fun stuff!

Good morning!

It has been a while! We have much to discuss. Here. Sit on that leather chair. Oh no. I insist!

Ash, Ash, Ash. Oh dear. It’s not been a good month or so for airports in the UK and Ireland. More flights have been cancelled. It somewhat reminds me of an angry God. No idea why.. WE MUST SACRIFICE SOMETHING/SOMEONE TO THE VOLCANO. Which leads me on to..

David Cameron is our new PM. Yay? Nay? Who knows. Time will tell! Personally I voted Nick Clegg but eh.. that didn’t go down to well. Still. The British will carry on as we do. No matter what happens we will be having the hard times. Hopefully we will get by 🙂

In personal news I went on a two-week course called A4e Gateway to jobs courtesy of the Job centre. The idea is to spend the two weeks making CV’s and spec letters then sending them out to various companies whilst keeping a job log up to date to give to your personal adviser at the end of the course to prove you have been looking for jobs. Over all I had a really good/Interesting time. I met some friendly people who were all good craic 😀

Me and the homies will be seeing Ross Noble. It is also Sophie’s birthday in just over a week and in general I feel as happy as.. well.. a happy person (?)

I apologise for not making this blog as interesting as the previous sharky one. I just wanted to get blogging again. I know its pretty short. I am tired. SO TIRE- zzzzzzzz.

Anyway. Have a good week and I hope your eyes will be molesting my words once again. Please escort yourself out.

Emma ❤


~ by emmalulz on May 17, 2010.

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