Dreamz :D


But that is beside the point. I havent blogged in a bit and therefore. Here I am.. at.. nearly ten to two in the morning (Oh the joys of having nothing better to do then share things with you lot. You lucky, lucky people)

Today I want to tell you a bit about dreams. Well.. MY dreams. If you want a definition you will have to look it up. I assume the average age of people reading this blog is high enough to know what a dream IS. If you don’t.. Just.. go back to education. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

All I know is that people vary in terms of how much they dream. I for one dream every night. I’m not going to lie. I enjoy dreaming. Especially when it’s about something I ADORE i.e having the ability to fly. I have had many  a dream where I can fly. Often when you do dream it never really has a plot. It isn’t a story.. just a random blob of images where often take part in. I tend to be viewing myself as a separate person and yet somehow feel what I feel. Strange stuff.

I’m going to give you three of my dreams. One being the best one, worst one and the craziest one I have had as far as I recall. So. ENJOY(?)

Best one..(s) Ok, I lied. There will be TWO.

This one sets place in a HUGE library. There are computers on desks spaced about evenly. On one side of the wall there is a huge tank filled with water, manta rays and.. well.. old ladies with long white flowing hair (Yes.. I love the old ladies. I kid) I am walking in between the desks and suddenly I lift up in a sort of flying motion to have a look inside the tank. Now I know this doesn’t sound like a great dream but it involves flying and manta rays so to me. It makes the best dream ever.. dreamt?

The second one is quite a short one which basically has me sitting at a table with Gary Lightbody and he draws me a.. what would be a print screen of the YouTube home page with a little polar bear resting on top of it. *sigh*

Worst ones

If you are a fond watcher of the Goosebumps movies then you will know of Slappy the dummy. *shudder* Slappy is basically a dummy which comes to life and this dream is set in my room. I am being held up against a mirror and this dummy is strangling me whilst laughing. I try but fail to call out for help. Bad times. Do not like Slappy the dummy.

This one comes from just two nights back funnily enough. It is set in a small cottage where just outside in the back garden there is a medium-sized stream. At both ends of the stream there are thick trees so you can’t see where the stream is coming from. Now I am standing at the stream where a koi fish floats by. I pick it out of the stream and it does the mouthing movement fish do when they are out of water. I put it back where it floats off. It doesn’t swim away. I look to the left and see dead wildlife floating down the stream. Things like badgers and deers. I run inside to continue to watch from the window when suddenly bodies start to come down the stream. Eventually they begin to pack up and start to overflow to the grass beside the stream. I think this had to be the worst dream I have had in a while =[

Craziest dreams!

Quite difficult to think of my craziest dreams. Seeing as all of them do tend to be pretty insane. Hm.

Ok so this one isn’t THAT crazy. Basically I am at the airport trying to go somewhere.. I can’t remember where. I manage to go through security and I’m sitting in the departures lounge when I suddenly realise I have forgotten my passport (So how I managed to get past security without my passport is.. BEYOND me) ANYWAY. There are some barriers and I wait for security to look away from the barriers and I make a run for it. They spot me but kick me out anyway so SORTED. I grab a taxi and I’m all like BOLLIX I’m going to miss my flight. I get my passport and back to the airport.. and yet somehow end up with an hour to spare. *facepalm*

I could only think of one crazy dream. D: I left out all the 18+ ones. (I’M SO SORRY. I KNOW HOW MORTIFIED YOU ALL ARE BY NOT BEING ABLE TO READ THEM) But yes! If you have never had a dream in which you have had the ability to fly then you havent dreamt yet. It truly is a great feeling 😀

So yes! That is all for today. I hear we are in the middle of exam period so good luck with exams and I hope you all get good results 😀 If you don’t have exams then enjoy the week.. you lazy people.

Emma<3! I think I’ve hurt my hand after the drunken up and down weekend.. not.. really sure. It does hurt though.BONJOUR


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