I stumbled across this page where you do blogs.. and so I thought it would be cool if I could make a b- Oh.. right. 😀

HAI GUIZ. It has been a while! Have you missed me? I brought presents and news. LOTS OF NEWS.

Ok I lie. I just really wanted to update this blog.

So at the moment I am on a course called A4e action for employment. Now I cannot really say anything bad about it incase the authorities see this and stop my money. I HAVE TO FEED TEH KIDS. It isn’t as bad as it sounds. I wont lie but when I got told I had to go there for 13 weeks I was very sceptical and annoyed. However after a few weeks I grew fond of my group. We are all different ages with different personalities and its good craic sometimes. All the tutors are friendly and helpful. The only one bad thing is that the point of being there is to help me get a job except I am starting a course in September so there isn’t really much of a point. Alas it does keep me doing something everyday. 😀

So that is what I have been doing in the meantime.. and drinking myself into slumbers in between. I do want a job but I just feel like these are the times of our lives where we should be enjoying life. Even if that means being lazy and going out drinking. I just do not see me behind a desk. Not yet anyway, but if any of you know someone in the media industry looking for a creative person send them by way. Heres my card -gives-

So yes life has been up and down recently.. had some lovely ups 🙂 I know this is a shortish blog. I wish I had more to talk about but I will spend this week thinking of some interesting topics to blog about.

As for now I am going to eat and nom xD AS IT IS NOW KNOWN.

Good luck with the results guys ;D hope you all did well



~ by emmalulz on August 15, 2010.

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