One crazy, crazy week =D

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So I said to yer m- *puts hand to ear* ..Oh.. were live? *Turns to camera* Hello my name is Emma Hindmarsh here with the latest news. 😀

Where to fuckin’ start! 😀 This week has been so up and down I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster for a full three days. On Thursday the day started insanely well. I got a letter addressed to “Emma Stalker” intrigued I opened it.. obviously! To my utmost amazement and JOY it was a signed autograph from Dean Smith who play’s Phillip Ryan in Waterloo Road -SQUEAL- =D He also added a little note. Exclaiming I was mad as a box of frogs and he was flattered by the love from Newcastle. 🙂 It was also Johns birthday on Thursday (BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOHN) ;D me and Lucy got him a mug and some chocolates. We had a caterpillar cake. If you don’t know what the caterpillar cake look’s like you need to get teh fuck out and buy one.

Friday was great as well.. (I know I should talk about what my thoughts are on current issues, specific topics and what not. I will get back to it. Just this week needs mentioning) I spent the morning at my Auntie Ro’s she gave me some orange juice and..AND.. FAIRY LIGHTS 😀 I tried to fix her internet but we needed an extra wire which we couldn’t find ;O She took me to the Northumberland Wildlife trust to ask about voluntary work. Recently everything seems set in place. Normally my efforts to find a job or to do SOMETHING have been minimal but now I feel the need to get out and use my time constructively (I’m sure this has come as a shock to you. Here.. take a seat and have some cake) ANYHOO. At two I met my famous friends Sophie and Bridie and we went to the centre of life. I handed in a CV. 😀 My highlights were getting to hold a giant snail (Very sweet), going into the dome to watch a presentation about Astronomy narrated by David Tennant. (OH YEAH) and making a tower out of blood cell’s (Actually these were just squishy red blocks) In short. I had an amazing time. Huzzah for friends.

Friday night I made myself the “Happy circle” You know the fairy lights I mentioned? Well I put them in a circle and I placed a blanket in the middle. The idea is that in the.. Happy circle you can only have happy thoughts. Any unhappy thoughts are to be banished. Now you might think “GETOUTTAHEREWITHYERHIPPIEDIPPIESHITE” but it worked quite well 😀

Saturday I saw my Dad who had a good time in Majorca. Lucky. 😀 He told me and Lucy a very interesting story about Top Gear. Allegedly when he was a young boy he sent in a letter to the BBC telling them that the instrumental piece (Jessica – The Allman Brothers) would be a perfect bit of music for the introduction of a cricket show that was running at the time. The BBC replied saying they were happy with the current intro but were glad to be informed of the song. Now heres the interesting bit. A few months later. Top Gear came out and LOW BEHOLD the intro was Jessica by The Allman Brothers 😀 I thought that was pretty damn cool. (TRUE STORY BRO)

In the afternoon I didn’t really want to be stuck in the house. I got a text from Lawson asking if I wanted to go to this place called Venue ;O so I texted Sophie and originally we were both like “Dude.. this sounds pretty damn scary” but we met in town and after an hour we were joined by Rosey and Stewart who had been out at an engagement party. Needless to say Rosey was out of it. Bless her. EVENTUALLY Lawson and his friend Josh joined the group and we were on our way to Venue. Apart from pubs and house parties ive never been to an actual club before. But this club was just incredible 😀 It’s more rock than pop. Me and Sophie met some guys called Sean and Paul. (Who were dancing.. miles away from the actual dance floor xD!) Me and Rosey danced to some FOB. Sophie bopped to some MJ. We then had a chat with a girl about Zach Braff. Turns out when yer drunk EVERYONE’S your friend. I got back at 4am..  In short. Wow 😀

Thats about it. I feel like I’m not making these interesting enough. If you feel like there are things I could give my opinion on then leave a comment or message me in some form. 🙂

Did I mention RUSSEL HOWARD NEXT YEAR? No.. Oh well there you go 😀

I hear it’s easter hol’s for most people. So enjoy your free time 😀

Emma ❤


Flipnote Studio and upcoming event’s :D

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I see you’ve stepped in something.. Oh. It’s my blog. 😀

A big heartfelt hello to you. Yes. YOU 😀 I hope you all had a pleasant weekend.

I discovered something of a real treat for me about two days ago. I was randomly scanning on my DS for bit’s and bob’s I could download for free when I came across a) Nintendo DSi Browser and b) Flipnote Studio. Now I’m sure this is no new thing and i’ve probably discovered it a bit late. But now I have the ability to actually scan the internet using my DSi (Like I said.. discovered it a little bit.. lot.. late :D) I enjoyed this for a few minutes taking a look at news events.. -cough- I only have one problem with it and that is ;o you have to use the stylus to drag the page along when reading something specific. I’m quite a fast reader so this got on my nerves ;o APART FROM THAT. I’m happy 😀

Eventually I turned to Flipnote Studio and as a dedicated drawer and lover of animation I was OVERLY happy to find I could create animations with this little .. is application the right word? Again I do have a few issues. You are able to select and shrink the image on the screen however there isn’t anything which enlarges the image sadly. There are only three colours. Blue, red and black and you can only use two at one time and finally you can import pictures however they are in black and white. But I don’t know.. maybe I’m asking a bit too much here? Though I would like more colours. Apart from those three issue’s to ME personally it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I’m afraid if you want to know more about it then you might want to look it up.. im very bad at explaining thing’s ;D apologies?

Upcoming events.. well they are still a long way off so they aren’t THAT upcoming. In fact.. they aren’t really near at all xD! Basically these are just a few things to look forward to. One being my birthday in April ;O a month and a week away ;D Being 19 isn’t all that exciting.. sadly.. The only present I could ask for is a cane, a grey beard and false teeth.. well I’ll get the third (ho, ho, ho..) Then there is the new series of both Doctor who and Waterloo Road. Both of which im INSANELY looking forward to. Especially seeing the start of a new chapter with Matt Smith as the Doctor (Falling for him already) and finally there is Sophie Marie Mitchinson ward’s birthday.. I hope those are her middle name’s.. could be spelt wrong. ANYHOO. A joyous occasion for all, seeing as the old gal will be eighteen this year (DRINKS ALL AROUND) God bless her. I’m sure she cant wait to go up to the bar and order her own drinks instead of her two very kind friends who always have to do it for her. I kid 😀 Id buy Sophie a drink any day.

Thats all from me today, I hope you all have a fantastic week and well.. if anything new comes along expect another blog (God help you all. Bad Gramma and spelling alert. RUN FOR YOU’RE FUCKING LIVES)


Oh.. er.. no picture today so here’s a beluga whale for you. 😀

Look how tiny it is ;D AWWWWWWH.

Work and play. :D

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-Turn’s around slowly- AH. Oh hello there bloggers, readers, randomers, people of the world.

Today I will let you have a glance into my mind. So shrink yer wee bodies and get your swimming gear on. (Your going swimming in my mind incase you didn’t realise)

I want to divide this blog into two things. Work and play. All work and no play make’s Jack a dull boy. All play and no work make’s Jack.. well.. pretty stupid but hey.. at least he’s having a good time?

I’ll start with work. Now for most of you who know me quite well. You all know I can’t work. Studying for me is like.. is like.. well no comparison is good enough really BASICALLY you know me and work just don’t fit together. Now this doesn’t mean ive turned out to be quite a thick person. I can indulge in conversations about politics and who our president is. But I just simply can’t sit down, whip out a book and learn stuff. I’m a dreamer D: I can just sit and stare out my window and think for hours on end. This doesn’t mean I’m going to say “FELLOW PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. SCREW WORK. GO OUT AND PLAY!” I’m sure half of the people reading this have worked, will work and will continue working. Who am I to judge? Come September I will be starting my new course. Bring it on 😀 However in the mean time im going to have to come up with a way where I monitor how much work I do along with how much.. eh.. play I do? Don’t get me wrong. I REALLY want to do something with my life. Something active. I WILL work on this course. I will. WILLLLL. (I’m very determined) I guess what im trying to say about work is.. y’know do it! Work hard. Just have fun as well ;D

Now it’s onto play.. YAYAYAAYAYAYAYZ. What can I say? ;D Let go once in a while. Draw a picture, paint yourself, paint your friends, get drunk! Be happy! Keep the balance. Work on the week days have fun on the weekends. I’m probably being a bad influence here.. ah shite. Dont think im giving out the impression that I want you all to fail in life and end up like me. xD I just want yis to get the balance right. These are meant to be the best years of our lives remember. ;o We’ve only got one life. It seems a shame that we have to work to be able to keep ourselves alive. But that’s how it goes.

This was mainly a bit of a rant. Anyway. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. 😀

Here’s a picture to end this blog 😀

Oh what a surprisingly eventful.. LAST week :D

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Ribbit! – It’s frog language for “HI THAR” I’ve got a frog in my throat. It hurts.

I don’t remember much of last week. When deciding how I was going to split it all up into bite size chunks I realised that half the time it took me more than a couple of minutes to remember what actually occurred on each day. D:

I’ll start by going back to last Tuesday where if you re call was coffee overload day where I had a high then a low and eventually concluded that coffee was evil. However in the last blog I didn’t explain the Disney music night I went to see at Lucy’s school (My old school) Church High. Over all it wasnt that bad. They just needed more preparation. There were about three songs over all which really stood out. ;o They were “Nightingale” from Cinderella, “God help the outcasts” from Hunchback of Notre-Dame, “Colours of the wind” from Pocahontas and Lucy’s song “Friend like me” from Aladdin. Now.. im not trying to be bias here. Actually that’s a lie. But Lucy’s song made me weep tears of laughter. She sings really well and she managed to express the whole bouncy.. ness? in the song. I just sat there like a proud Sister as if i personally coached her myself which i did

Wednesday seem’s pretty much a blur. However it could have been filled with me drawing a lot. I love drawing. No. Really. I REALLY do. It’s one of those few things in my life that will cheer me up if im feeling low. Y’know? Just sit down with a pen and paper and doodle away. I spent half my school year’s doodling. Doodle this and doodle that. I feel like I’m trying to convince you all to draw. Shall I just say it? GO FUCKIN’ DRAW SOMETHING -shakes fist- (Sorry Wednesday, you’ve been pushed aside. I’ll try to make sure I do something on you this week -giggles- “Do something on you” *Sigh*) – Oh ;D Whilst writing this blog it was decided me and Sophie.. and Rosey? Will go see Alice in Wonderland on Wednesday. There you go Wednesday 😀

I woke up on Thursday screaming “NO, OH GOD NO. NOT THURSDAY. THAT MUST MEA-” Sorry readers. Let me explain. Once a week I tidy my room to keep it ship shape and sparkling. Normally I do it on a Tuesday seeing as im up early on Tuesdays. However last week it occured on a Thursday as my tidying routine revolves around whenever Ann comes over. She tidies our house. Lovely woman 😀 If it wasnt for her id be in a corner surrounded by rubbish and clothes. Anyhoo. Last week she came over on a Thursday so I dragged myself out of bed and got tidying.
Half way through tidying I checked my phone. I had two texts.
Rosey: Ring me
Sophie: Ring Rosey

Thinking maybe I should ring her. I rang Rosey to discover that her and Sophie were in McDonald’s and that my Amazing, beautiful, Glorious, corpse was needed. Rosey explained I only had twenty minutes to get down there. -Scoff- Yeah right! Like that was going to happen. Half an hour later I was sitting in McDonalds with two of my beloved friends. We ended up going to the Art Gallery in which we saw some damn awesome pictures of The Beetles, The who, Pink Floyd and Jimmy Hendrix. Id show some pictures but you weren’t allowed to take any. A rule which Rosey ignored and took some anyway. Rebel.

We all agreed to go down to Ashington on Friday for some drinking. This was after ANOTHER FECKIN DENTIST APPOINTMENT. Long story short. I went in to see someone about Bridgework even though I hadn’t decided that was going to happen so it was pretty pointless. SO. We got on the re- … the r- … “Rosey I thought you said we were going on the Red bus to Ashington” (It was a white bus) After a half an hour trip filled with the mini game we got to Ashington. We being me, Rosey, Stewart and Sophie. There was some strolling around Asda then to TEH PUB. Over all I had.. Two JD and coke’s and two Ciders. Yumyum. Me and Sophie got on the 20 past 9 bus to town to get ANOTHER bus home. There was a whole load of picture-taking and a whole load of wearing hats and sunglasses. (Id go into more detail but im trying to make sure this bus.. FUUUUU- *BLOG (I typed bus by mistake) doesn’t go on for to long.

I’ll skip through Saturday to Sunday. Saturday consisted of shopping for MOTHERS DAY! 😀 Me, Lucy and Sophie got Mum two mug’s. One with “Yummy mummy” and the other had just a nice simple pattern on it. A Michael Buble album and a Pandora charm. Which hasn’t arrived yet BUT SHALL. So on the Sunday we baked mum a cake.. which looked like an explosion on a plate. Covered with icing and sprinkles it didn’t look half bad actually. 😀 SUCCESS. It turned out to be a nice day.
I got called downstairs by Mum and found her and John staring out the front door. I stood with them and saw.. a giant.. frog. It was big. A BIG FROG. It stared at us for a minute then hopped off. I followed it around cause I love frogs then went back inside. After a couple of hours I got a croaky voice (GET IT? FROGS? CROAK?) 😀

There you have it. I feel like it’s been a bit rushed. It HAS been a bit rushed. Have a good week. 😀

Emma ❤ 😀

Teeth, Sun and the evil substance known as “Coffee”

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Aloha! 😀

The first two days of this week have been (Surprisingly) eventful. To me however doing one specific thing in a day classifies as eventful in my world. Sadly the rest of this week apart from yet ANOTHER dentist appointment looks like a desert with only a few cacti here and there and one tumbleweed drifting about aimlessly. Beautiful. However im sure I will catch up with my homies Fo’ shizzle. (Nizzle)

Back to yesterday where I was due a trip to the dental hospital. I practically live there.. and everywhere else involving dentists. Now im not going to lie to you. Theres only one thing at the dental hospital which makes going worthwhile and that is the fact that there’s a fish tank on one of the floors. I like fish. 😀 I shouldnt slander the dental hospital. They have done a top-notch job with my teeth so for that I offer them a huge kudos. I was on level six which specialise in Emma’s dodgy teeth. Six is my lucky number. I was lucky enough to have a newspaper to read and lucky enough not to be waiting long. I was ushered into my own little room where I was bombarded by Mr  Dentist man.. men.. three of them (Lucky me) -cheese-
Now I know they don’t mean to patronize but the words “Give us a grin” don’t go down well with me. Like im ten and I want a lollypop for being a good girl. Not that I would have turned down a lollypop if offered one.

It was a beautiful day. The word beautiful doesn’t really cover it. Glorious. Thats better. After all the rain and snow the sun felt like God was giving the world a big smile whilst saying “Today is a good day!” I couldn’t really enjoy the sun surrounded by shouting cars and beeping people so I made plans to have a lie down in the garden. I grabbed a towel and my iPod and plonked myself on the ground and settled down to listening to bangin’ tunes and bangin’ builders.
I turned on my side and saw some snowdrops (One of the nice things about my garden is we get pretty snowdrops every year around this time) This called for a picture (See below) 😀

Snowdrop :D

The next day I awoke to some Simply Red which I had set as my alarm as a fresh new tune to wake up to. I have now associated the song “Flagpole sitta” as “GET YO’ LAZY ASS OUT OF BED” which puts me off listening to it now. xD It was time to get up and go to the Job seekers building. I hitched the bus. (We’re getting married in April) hitched off the bus at Central station (Turns out it was having an affair with the number 11 bus) and strolled down. My name got called and I was asked as I am every week how my hunt for a job was going “Well y’see were currently in a recession. So im selling my body for good money”
The lady gave me a list of agencies to ring up and hand in a copy of my CV. Which is probably one of the most helpful things ive been given since starting the whole process of job hunting 🙂

I was meant to be meeting Bridie at half ten for a trip to Starbucks so once I was out of the building (FREE, FREEDOM) I joke. I gave Sophie Marie Mitchison Ward a quick ring to say hi then I strolled back down to Central station to await the arrival of Bridie 😀 She appeared beside me and after greeting one another we went down to Starbucks for a frappachino/Hot chocolate.
As I opened the door I had no idea that what happened in this Starbucks branch was going to affect the rest of my life day
We were just settling in to our drinks when a man came over and offered us a coffee sample which under my breath commented that it tasted like liquified twiglets. However I drank it all hoping for a burst of energy which never arrived.
Myself and Bridie being the mature eighteen year olds we are, messed around with the coffee pouring it into our drinks. We said our farewells at the bus stop and I traveled home for my driving lesson.

Not content with the fact that I hadn’t got my rush of Caffeine induced energy I invested into making myself a cuppa coffee. Knowing full well I had a driving lesson I was banking on the hope that the energy rush would help with my driving lesson. Well.. I was half right. Before leaving Mum warned me that after the caffeine rush id probably experience a low. Absolutely terrified Not overly concerned I awaited Steve to arrive for my driving lesson. We were going to the Blue house roundabout which links Gosforth, Jesmond and the main road into town so naturally I was a bit scared. Steve assured me id be fine and I was. AHA my plan had worked. I was alive and zooming around the place. I can tell you the exact time things went down hill.. It was 1:45 and all of a sudden I felt exhausted, down and just downright worried. It was a shame cause things were going quite well until then ;O Eventually at two I was home and I crashed onto my bed and now here I am finishing this blog. 😀

There you have it fellow readers. I hope you had a pleasant read.
Have a good day, week, life.

Emma ❤


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Before I begin here’s a bit more about the lodge 😀 for the fucker who wanted to know more. >;O It cost 42 pounds for me and Sophie for a twin room. It’s in a place called Aldgate about 5-10 minutes near central London.

Day two (Getting lost in Chistlehurst i.e .. Kent)

Woke up to Sophie having a coffee. No surprises there. Sophie loves her coffee. So the plan was to get from a – The lodge to b – The university. So.. guess it was ANOTHER taxi then. The tube didn’t go as far as Kent. (Thanks Sophie) xD
ANYHOO it took us half an hour to get to the university of Ravensbourne.. I think that’s the correct name. Over all impression was that it looked really nice. The canteen at least was very nice.. of course I didn’t get to see much of it seeing as Sophie was the one being interviewed hence the reason we were in London to begin w- Oh im sorry. We were in KENT.

Sophie eventually got called for her interview whilst I sat and doodled.. (two flowers, a frog and Skeleton Jack if yer interested) .. are you interested?
Apparently all went well and her scripts went down good as well 😀 So im happy for her.

Apparantly (According to the interviewer) there was a Halifax (we needed a cash machine) “down the road” So we went “down to road” when we were “down the road” what did we see?
So.. was it a different bank then?
No Halifax. Non. So we kept on walking. The sun was bearing down upon us. The heat was making us delirious
We bumped into an ol’ woman who gave us directions to go along a private road until we reached a path
The private road was full of posh houses on either side. So I fitted in nicely apart from my tattered clothing, many bags, sweaty face, slumped over dragging my exhausted corpse like a flesh-eating zombie down the road.
The path we got to was muddy (Bad times)
But we saw a.. a.. SQUIRREL (Good t- well it didn’t help our situation but it made me feel a bit better)

We got to the end of the path
There was a road
At the end of the road
There was..

Sainsburys cash machine – The bit where you inset your card was.. empty.. there was just a big hole xD!
The first bank cash machine – Out of order

Sophie saw a pub saying there was a cash machine inside. Sophie’s 17
-Marches in with cape-
“Yeah ill have a JD and coke with lots of ice please”
I kid 😀

We called for a.. yes.. you guessed it right. Another taxi. Just.. get over it 😀 Fast forward about half an hour and we were home.. well as home as you can be at victoria coach station. So we had six hours left until our coach was due.
We went and had a subway (omnomnom) where we discovered that our nations theme tune should be the Benny Hill theme tune.
We walked back to the station sat down and Sophie showed me an ASTOUNDING card trick. Here is how it went down.

Sophie: Pick a card and don’t show me
-Pick’s a six o’ hearts-
-put’s it back-
-Sophie shuffles the cards then picks one out-
Sophie: Is THIS your card?
-show’s six of clubs-
Me: Your half right.. try again
-pick’s out five o’ diamonds-
-Sophie shuffles the cards again and picks one out-
Sophie: Is THIS your card?
-shows five o’ spades-
Me: I don’t know how you’re doing this but it’s quite impressive xD!

Eventually after six hours of card tricks, smoking, eating, talking, staring at David Tennant we eventually got on the 425 coach back to Newcastle.

The infamous chip story

You’re not allowed hot food on the coach. BUT THAT DIDNT STOP ME. Oh no. I brought some McDonald’s chips and snuck them under my coat. I got past the driver and he went
“Could you take those chips OFF the coach”
Oh the humiliation.
I only have two cringeworthy moments in my life. Now its three. 😀

That, my dear friends is the story of our trip to London 😀 Yes we could have been more prepared in terms of travel but apart from that I had a fantastic time when I look back upon it.

Here is the best picture I took 😀 It’s a plane. In the sky.

You’re not in Kansas anymore. Welcome to Kent! “WHAT?!”

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Good morning! 😀

I’m pretty sure today is the 5th of March but when you’ve been on a coach for 6 hours time get’s a little out of hand.

There’s no great way to say this but I’ll say it anyway. I’m Emma 😀 Yes. I’m Emma and I’ve just got back from London.

(So here it is, it’s what you’ve not been waiting for. It’s what ive not been expecting to do. Here’s a blog. HERE IT IS. LOOK AT IT)

I’ll dive straight into the details of the London trip. I can see you’re all waiting patiently. Now.. are we sitting comfortably? Good. Then i’ll begin.

Chapter one
Day one

The date is the 3rd of March. The time is 9:30 am. Two students wait patiently at the coach station for the 9:50 bus.
Girl one: Maybe its a good idea to go to the loo beforehand, y’know
Girl two: Yeah D: You go first and I’ll keep an eye on the stuff.
(Girl one strolls off then comes back a minute later)
Girl one: We need 20p

So there we were, at 10:15am we were on the way to London.

MINI -pause- FUCK YOU.

“Would you like a tuna sandwich?”

The first bout of well.. “Lulz” came when we were driving through a small countryside village
I look towards the window seat beside me to see Sophie doubled over in what can only be described as
Curious, I asked her what was so “FRICKIN FUNNY”
Sophie: I saw a sign saying recycled rubbish.. it was pointing at a cemetary
This resulted in a huge bout of lulz where I couldn’t speak. I was doubled over shaking with laughter a little giggle.
I shall skip through the next six hours which mainly consisted of the word’s mini, Steve, Rosey, University etc.

Well no, actually we just assumed we had finally arrived into a world of good ol’ English taxi’s and red double-decker buses

Here’s a nice little serious bit for you.. not bold. I must admit for the next half an hour I sat glued to the Coach window.
Now im not one for culture.. much. But I do love the whole architecture of London, the statues, the buildings, fountains and what not.
Ive seen all these things many a time before however this was somewhere new (kind of, I have been twice before)
I like new places 😀 Serious note over.

SO! We got landed at victoria coach station. Now to the.. the..

“Oh, hey, Sophie. Should we go on the tube and figure it all out?”
“Well.. we could try”

Half an hour later

“TAXI, TAXI. Oh thank god it’s a taxi. TO THE LODGE!”

We did try, really.

I’m worried this blog is going to be to long.. there’s so much to say. So I’ll post the rest of day one then do another blog later. SHALL I?

Amazingly despite the fact we weren’t out originally to see the sights we managed to see.. well pretty much all of the touristy things to see.
In one taxi ride.
Like I said, in one taxi ride 😀 Despite the fact we only one five seconds worth of sight spotting. It was still nice to see some of the highlights of London!

The lodge was great 😀 We had a kettle, tv, our own train station with trains going by every 5 minutes. However it was nice, clean and safe.

So after some tv watching, waving at passengers on the train, playing snap. It was eventually time for sl- Zzzzzzz